How to ask for diet recall from new clients effectively with Zoconut


The backbone of any dietary service is to understand a client’s current food habits, analyze the negative aspects of the habits, and provide a revised diet plan that can lead them to a healthier lifestyle.

One of the most efficient methods that nutritionists are employing to conduct this analysis is ‘diet recall’.

What is diet recall?

A diet recall is a dietary assessment of a patient or a client that consists of a structured interview with the intention of capturing all food items and beverages consumed in a set time frame.

Usually, nutritionists and dietitians conduct a thorough diet recall which includes noting down meal intervals, portion sizes, water intake, as well as sleep duration to paint a detailed picture of how their clients go about their day.  

Diet recall is an integral part of a particular client’s treatment, both while onboarding and during the treatment, as it analyzes their lifestyle and nutrition intake. It can also help you detect some of the root causes of their healthcare problems which are linked with unhealthy diet habits. 

It can also come in handy during your client’s treatment to check whether they are adhering to the set diet plan and how it is working out for them.

Essential elements of a good diet recall form

  • Food intervals throughout the day 
  • Duration of the meal
  • Specifications of the meal

Meal intervals throughout the day

A good diet recall system should be able to jot down the number of meals a client consumes in a day and the intervals between each meal. For example, while some clients only eat three meals a day, some people might distribute their food consumption in 8 meals.

Duration of the meal

It should be able to note down the time taken by a client to consume each meal. While ideally, a person should take 20 minutes to consume their meal properly, others hog their food and finish in 10 minutes. Hence, it is crucial to know how much time they consume, as it reflects on their eating habits.

Specification of the meal

Your diet recall should also be able to jot down every specification of your client’s meal. From the food items to the portion sizes, every detail of a meal is necessary to conduct a thorough evaluation.

How to efficiently ask for diet recall with Zoconut

Understanding diet recall form

      In this process, we will guide you on how to create a diet recall for your dieter.

  • Go to the dieter section of the dashboard. 
  • Select the client/dieter for which you want to create a diet recall plan. 
  • Click on the diet recall section.
  • Choose the dining of the meal and the timing of the meal.
  • Enter the food details for your clients/dieters.
  • Save the diet recall form for the client.

Setting up the client’s profile via the form

In this section, We will look at how to set up a client’s profile via the form. 

  • Log into the zoconut profile and then go to the dieter section on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Select the Client name from the name menu. 
  • Select the form link bar present on the right side of the dashboard. 
  • You have four options: SMS, WHATSAPP, EMAIL, generate & copy.
  • Select any one method to send form links to the selected clients.  
  • Clients will receive a message link to fill in the basic information.

The more thorough your diet recall is, the better you will be able to analyze your client’s food habits. And if you have a clear picture of their food habits, you can advise them on the necessary changes and revisions that they need to make to live a healthier life.

In those terms, Zoconut’s diet recall feature can help you compartmentalize every meal that your clients consume in 24 hours and provide you the freedom to revise it as and when required.

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