All-in-One Nutrition Coaching Software

Zoconut -All-in-One Nutrition Coaching Software

Zoconut is the only software you need to manage your nutrition business and offer top notch nutrition counselling to your clients online.
Zoconut Nutrition Coaching Software
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Zoconut review by Dt Shreya Bansal
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Zoconut Online Management Feature

Online Management

Go paperless and keep your clients' data safe and organized. Work like the Pro that you are.

Zoconut - Stay Connected Feature

Stay Connected

Always stay in control of your business. Stay connected with your clients using the mobile app.

Zoconut Powerful Automation software

Powerful Automation

Automate repetitive clerical tasks/follow-ups so you can have more time for whats important.

You're The Boss

Everything In One Place
Not All Over The Place

Before Zoconut: You're neck-deep in WhatsApp, emails, excel sheets and heaps of paper. Work feels scattered, you're stressed, it's tough to see and manage everything. ‍After Zoconut: Soon you'll say "Hey, I got this." Everything will be organized and managed from one place. You'll be able to build better relationship with your clients. You'll be in control and a sense of calm will set in.

Zoconut Management feature software
Zoconut home pocket assistant
Your Pocket Assistant

Offer quality nutrition coaching
and experience that your clients deserve

Upgrade your clients’ experience with a dedicated mobile app for your own nutrition practice. Your clients will have a pocket assistant that keeps them motivated to comply with your advice and boost referrals with word of mouth.

Zoconut Live Chat Software Live Chat

Always stay connected with your clients even on the go.

Zoconut Progress Tracking Software Feature Progress Tracking

Keep track of how your clients are doing in real time.

Calendar Icon Reminders

Keep your clients compliant and motivated at all times.

Zoconut Telehealth Counseling Feature Telehealth Counseling

Meet with your clients face-to-face from anywhere in the world.

Food & Mood Journal Software Feature Food & Mood Journal

Always know what your clients eat and how they feel.

Zoconut Wearables Integration Software Feature Wearables Integration

Get data from your clients wearable device to yourself.

18x6 Support

Customer centricity is at our core. Our team of Zoconut experts are always ready to help you.

Customer Success

We assign a dedicated account manager who's a business analyst and works as a single POC.

Data Privacy

Our commitment to data security and privacy is sacred. We use best methods to ensure both.

3rd Party Integrations

Don't worry if you're using 3rd party apps such as Zoom, Zapier or Mailchimp. We integrate.

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We've Made Many Friends
Along The Way

All of us at Zoconut take a lot of pride in our work and how we are able to help our clients like partners. Fortunately they have some good things to say about us.

I only wish I had found Zoconut sooner than I did. Their dedication to privacy and data security is very comforting. We have a trusted technology partner in Zoconut.

Zoconut review by Dt Shreya Bansa
Dt Shreya Bansal
Founder of Healthviser

Zoconut team understands the the industry really well which is why they've built a software that's just perfect. They made the onboarding process very smooth and enjoyable for us.

Zoconut review by Mr. Amit Shah
Mr. Amit Shah
Founder of From Monday

Best part about Zoconut is that I am able to save so much time that I am able to invest in building deeper relationships with my clients. It's worth every ripper paid.

Zoconut review by Dt Divya Gandhi
Dt Divya Gandhi
Founder of Dietncure

Some Questions
And Their Answers

What exactly is Zoconut?
Zoconut is technology company working exclusively with the Diet and Nutrition Industry, committed to build innovative tech solutions to help in business growth, brand building and efficiency. We offer highly specialised software, mobile apps and website modules as a part of product. You can learn more about it Click here.
What happens to my data? Is it secure?
We pride ourselves in being one of the most trusted and secure companies in terms of data privacy. We do not sell, trade or monetize your clients data in any shape, way or form so you can be 100% tension-free in that aspect. Whatever you do on the platform, is your business. If you leave our platform, you can take your data along with you.
Will Zoconut give me clients/leads?
Zoconut is NOT in the business of promoting businesses, digital marketing or discovery services of any kind in the interest of our overall business philosophy. However, we do specialize in helping our clients with Organic Business Growth strategies via word of mouth, referrals, loyalty etc that effectively increases cashflow and profitability of your business.
I want to start a nutrition business. What's next?
Thats great. Starting a new business can be intimidating. Finding a trustworthy partner or employees can be even harder and often proves to be the most critical decision for success. Zoconut desires to be that trusted partner that will help you every step of the way. No need to work with sketchy companies and to invest your money based on promises. With Zoconut, you can look at, check out and even try our solution for free before making a decision. Its the MOST cost-efficient way to start your business.
What if I have more questions?
We love questions. That's how we connect and learn more about each other. You can get in touch with us on WhatsApp or you can request a call-back. You can even write us an email at and we'll be happy to make your acquaintance.


Zoconut, Inc. 16192, Coastal Hwy, Lewes, Delaware 19958