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What is Zoconut?

Zoconut is a software product for dietitians, nutritionists, health coaches and other preventive healthcare professionals. It includes a web based software and a set of mobile apps that lets you run, manage and grow your business online. You can digitize and take control of your business with Zoconut and offer an improved experience + care to your clients, well because they deserve it.

Will Zoconut help me with marketing?
Zoconut Software helps you improve your clients' experience and makes it easy for them to spread the word about good work you did for them. It enable you to run and manager special campaigns, offers, refer and earn programs and much more. You can easily do your traditional SMS and Email marketing as well.
Is my data safe with Zoconut?
Absolutely! Zoconut is committed to data safety and security. We are a B2B (Business-to-Business) company and would never trade your privacy for profit. We DON'T sell, monetize, commercialize your data in any shape, way or form. All of our research and effort is focussed towards building better features for the professionals.
I am just starting up, should I sign-up?
Let's look at your options, either you start by looking for an office space and pay rent, you find someone to build a website for you, spend hours and hours trying to set everything up and wait for clients to come to you. Or you could signup with Zoconut and get started within minutes. With Zoconut you'd be able to build your business with style and plenty of time to focus on growth.
Will you give you more leads/business?
No! For any company to promise you leads (or additional business), they'll have to have a way to communicate or interact with your potential clients. This presents an opportunity to steal your business or sell it to the highest bidder. We DONT do that. We are a true B2B company committed to building solutions that will make you more efficient and build a brand. That for sure translates to growth in your business.
Why should I use a software at all?
Because why not? Using a software will make you more efficient, will enable you to focus on what really matters, build better relationship with your clients and ofcourse make more money. It's 2021 and most (if not all) internet users want an experience aided by technology. You should keep us as well.
How much do you charge?
We believe in building a long term partnership which is reflected in our simple and transparent value based pricing. You effectively pay us between Rs. 60-100 per client per month which translates to anywhere between 2-4% of your total revenue. You can learn more about our pricing here.
Who else are you working with?
We have been fortunate to win business and trust of several marquee business in India like Qua Nutrition, Healthviser, Sarvodaya Hospitals, Diet Clinic, Nmami Life and many more. We are working with thousands of dietitians globally and we believe we are doing a good job to have kept their business for so long. Hopefully you'll give the opportunity to work with you as well.

Data Security
and Privacy

Is my data safe and secure with Zoconut?
One of our fundamental tenets of existence is our commitment to Data Security and Privacy. We do NOT commercialize, monetize or sell your data in any shape way or form. So yes, your data is safe with Zoconut.
Do you or will you sell my data?
Thats a big NO. We work with all our clients with the same dignity and commitment to service. We don't trade leads or sell data of any kind to anyone. All of our research on the data on our platform is focussed on building more products and features that would help our customers grow and do better.
Where do you keep all the data?
Data is kept on the cloud on security compliant servers. We work with digital infrastructure providers like AWS that provide world class protection from any threat of data loss.  This helps us to build a seemless experience for you on a variety of devices all working in perfect sync all the time.
Can I export my data whenever I want?
Your data is yours and you are free to do whatever you wish to do with it. There are export options available in places where clients commonly need to export or share data. If not, our friendly support team would be happy to help you export your data.
If I stop using Zoconut in the future, will I get to keep my data?
For some unavoidable reason if our partnership comes to an end, you can take all the data generated on the platform along with you. We do keep a back up of your data for security reasons for 30 days after your account is inactive or deleted after which it is removed from all our servers as well.
Tell me about your security compliances and certifications.
Zoconut has an extensive security compliance protocol to ensure your data is kept safe and secure against any kind of threat. We are also PCI and HIPAA compliant so you can work with confidence.

Zoconut Software

What's the best thing about Zoconut software?
The best thing about Zoconut software is the whole integrated experience that it provides to its users. The feeling that you get of being in control of your business and happy customers is just magical. Calendar management, regime planning, data management, resources, templates, compliances, website, blogs, marketing, sales, payments everything is brought into one single interface for you. If this doesn't make you sing, nothing will.
Can I use it on my mobile device?
It was tough but we did it! You can use the Zoconut Mobile App on any Android or iOS device. The application will make sure you are always connected and all over your tasks and communication with clients. Majority of your work can be easily handled from the mobile app.
How many user accounts can I add?
There is no limit on how many users you can add to your Zoconut account. You can also manage permissions and data view settings for your team mates. There are some users included with every pricing plan which are more than enough in most cases but if you wish to add more users, you can do so at a nominal cost.
How will the software help me in sales and marketing?
You didn't go to school to end up doing clerical and repetitive work that can clearly be automated. Zoconut automates ways for you to follow ups, collect information and send
Zoconut gives you an inbuilt leads management module that brings all your leads into one single funnel and lets you ensure no one goes unchecked, drastically improving the odds of conversion. The mobile app keeps them engaged. Marketing features makes sure you always stay inside the heads of all your leads and potential customers for maximum ROI.
reminders among several other things. Idea is to make sure that when you speak with a client, talk about something that's not robotic to develop a better relationship.
How do the plans and templates work?
Think about any kind of plan or regime you want to design for your clients, you can build it with Zoconut. It can include text, audio, video, charts, images, notes, you name it. Whatever you build can also be saved as a template for quick retreival. Think about what you could do with all that time you'd save. Learn more about plans and templates, here.
Can I customize the intake forms?
Yes. Every business is unique and wants to stand out. The information that you collect can also be different and it only makes sense for you to be able to customize your intake forms.
What kind of automation will the software enable?
You didn't go to school to end up doing clerical and repetitive work that can clearly be automated. Zoconut automates ways for you to follow ups, collect information and send reminders among several other things. Idea is to make sure that when you speak with a client, talk about something that's not robotic to develop a better relationship.
How will I communicate with my clients?
Zoconut software and app let's you communicate through our in-built chat and video call features. You can also use 3rd party apps like Zoom and Google Meet to connect with your clients through Zoconut. If someone prefers traditional methods like WhatsApp or calls, that is integrated as well. Afterall, keeping you connected with your clients is one of our top priorities.
Can I do video calls from the software?
Yep. You can use our in-built video calling feature or use 3rd party tools such as Zoom and Google Meet to host video calls.
What if I want more features or customizations?
We like to think that we have almost everything that a consultation would want from a software but it's our clients who force us to innovate. We are always happy to take suggestions and build something that would improve the product for everyone, free of cost. If you however want us to custom develop only for you, there would be an additional cost for that.

eDiet App

Why should I encourage my clients to use a mobile app?
A mobile app for your clients can be like a pocket assistant that would prompt and motivate clients to stay compliant on-track to achieve their goals. Which means they'll appreciate your services better. Mobile app will also help you bridge the gap in information flow and save you a lot of time. Mobile app will also catalyse word-of-mouth and enable referrals. Keeping everyone engaged with content and upselling additional services also becomes easier.
Tell me about eDiet app. How does it work?
eDiet app is a client-facing app that is supposed to keep your clients compliant and motivated all the while improving overall experience, reducing feedback delay and boosting word of mouth. It is an application shared by all the dietitians but still the user experience is entirely mapped uniquely with the business (or the professional) they are associated with. It works just like your personal app that requires a code or a special link to sign up with.
What if my clients accidentally get connected to someone else?
That never happens. Unless your clients write a unique code that corresponds to a different business or a link that belongs to someone else, it is impossible for your clients to get connected to someone else. We are not a discovery business and do not offer suggestions to chose a professional. Your client will only get connected with you.
How will my clients communicate with me or my team?
eDiet app has an inbuilt live chat and video call capability. The client can always stay connected with the professional assigned to them through live chat. If someone tries to reach out outside of office hours, you can set an automated reply as well. Notifications and automated sequence of messages are also fine ways to communicate.
How will this app help in progress and compliance tracking?
Keeping track of what your clients are eating and how their progress is as easy as just click of a button. The application has an intelligent notification and prompt system that provides ample opportunity to log information to clients that is then updated in your system in real time. You can always see how any of your clients are doing.
How effective are referral programs? How do you help with that?
"If you make it easy for people to do the right thing, they'll never disappoint you." That's what happens with the eDiet app. If a client has good experience with you coupled with an incentive to give you referrals, app makes it really easy to spread the word through social media or WhatsApp such that other people would be able to connect with you instantly and even pay you throught the website or mobile app itself. We have seen it work for hundreds of our clients.
Can I whitelabel the eDiet app with my personal brand?
We care about you and your brand. After a certain point, it becomes important to build a brand for better recall and retention. We do offer whitelabelling as a service at very reasonanle prices. Just get in touch with our sales team and they'll help you with more information.


What is a credit based pricing model?
CBS is a widely popular software billing methods that's fair, transparent and easy to understand. 1 credit is equal to 1 month service per client. Say someone pays you for 3 months package, then they consume 3 credits. So effectively if someone pays you say Rs.10,000 for 3 months, you pay zoconut anywhere between Rs.180-300 of that transcation.
Why don't you offer a flat price?
To enable constant innovation and motivation to build awesome things. If the price is flat, there'll little motivation for us to try and help you grow because our incentive is capped at the flat price that was offered. If a product is generating consisten value for your business, then it deserves a fair, consistent and proportionate share of the value that is generated. We are always building something new and awesome for you.
How much do I have to pay to use Zoconut?
Our plans start at Rs.4999 per month (billed quarterly) and varies depending on the amount of credits you need. You can learn more about our pricing, here.
What if I over-consume the credits included in my plan?
When you buy a plan, you lock a per-credit price with us anywhere between Rs.60-100 per credit. If you consume more than included number of credits with your plan, you will be charge at the same price for the overage.
Can I carry-forward balance credits in my account?
No, you cant. The per-credit price that you get is based on the commitment of a minimum number of credits. You can always chose a smaller plan if you think you wouldn't be able to consume all the credits and then upgrade the plan as your consumption increases. You also have an option for early renewal.
I need more than 3 days to evaluate the product.
Sure, the product has been designed in a way that if you make the most of these 3 days then it's very easy to understand. But if you need more time, just let any one of our friendly sales or support team members know and they'll get you an extension.
Can I please get a discount on the price?
Zoconut has a fair pricing policy and we don't offer any special discounts. We treat all our clients the same and don't make exceptions. You can talk to your sales rep about any ongoing offers and we'll be more than happy to offer it to you.
What if I need extra user/admin accounts?
We have included more than required amount of user accounts in our experience with all the plans but if you need more user accounts, you can request for additional user accounts at a nominal cost.
This pricing doesn't suit my business. Can I get a custom quote?
Our sales team gets requests from fun new businesses who have a unique model where they think the current pricing won't work for them. We are always happy to get on a call with you and understand your needs. If our current pricing doesn't work, we will give you a custom quote. You can get in touch with us, here.
I need customizations and/or additional features in the app.
If the feature that you need is already a part of our roadmap or can be useful for all the users, we will build it free of cost as per the roadmap. If you need us to build something only for you, we consider these requests on case-to-case basis and are happy to discuss.

Custom Branding

What is whitelabelling?
We wants to help you boost your personal brand. Whitelabelling is an optional service where we can change the branding of eDiet App (client-facing app experience) with your own logo, colors and nomenclature. The whitelabelled app would still work seemlessly with Zoconut software and receive all the future updates.
How does it work exactly?
It works like your own personal apps on both Android and iOS (not shared with anyone else). All the reviews that you get will only correspond to you and you can market it however you see fit. No unique code or deep link would be required to be shared with clients to download the app and signing up. These are truly your own apps working in tandem with the Zoconut software.
How much time will it take to whitelabel the apps?
Once you share all the information requested by our team and process the initial payment, it takes anywhere between 3-7 working days to complete the process depending on volume of requests you make for us to accomodate. It takes another ~7 days for the applications to go live in play store and app store.
How much would it cost to whitelabel eDiet app?
You can also chose to pay us $900 annually which will be perpetually recurring. You can get in touch with us for more clarity on the costs.
Once completed, who owns the whitelabeled app?
You own the both the apps. But it's worth noting that the apps ownership only corresponds to the front-end user interface and back-end is still tied with Zoconut that allows all the functionality to run on the app which is still owned by Zoconut. We do not allow any 3rd pary to decode or reverse-engineer the apps due to intellectual property risks involved.
Are there hidden charges of any kind?
There are no hidden charges whatsoever. There are however additional cost of buying your personal App Store and Play Store accounts to distribute it to your audience.
When should I consider whitelabeling?
Whenever you think it has become important for your business to invest in brand building you should go for whitelabelling. This is usually after achieving a certain scale and stability. We have seen businesses opt for whitelabelling from Day-1 and it has worked well for them as well so it really depends on your priorities and preferences.
My clients are already using eDiet app, can I still go for whitelabeling?
Absolutely, we pride ourselves in being a strong companion and contributor in our clients' journies of growth. Whenever you think it's time to go for whitelabelling, you just need to let us know and we'll take care of the rest.
What if I need changes or additional features to be built?
We offer enough flexibility that allows you to configure the experience just how you need it and have enough features that it's unlikely you'd need anything that we don't already have. But if you do have a request, we'd certainly try our best to accomodate them. It could however be at an additional cost.
What if I stop using Zoconut in the future?
Let's hope that day never comes but if it does, we help you keep all your data and won't switch off anyone's access to the mobile apps because it belongs to you. Only the access to Zoconut software is restricted. You can also come back and restart your account with us at anytime.


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