Ways To Re-engage Lost Clients in Your Nutrition Business

Clients in your Nutrition Business

While the first rule of any service-related profession is customer satisfaction, even the most experienced and renowned nutrition professionals lose clients now and then. That doesn’t mean their services aren’t adequate. It just means that the client felt neglected or wasn’t satisfied with the kind of service he/she received. 

As tragic and terrifying as that might sound, it is comparatively easy to win your lost clients over. We have analyzed the tactics used by industry leaders and jotted down these 6 ways that can help you re-engage your lost clients. 

Find Out the Major Reason Why You Lost Them 

Well, you can’t actually convince them to re-join your practice without understanding what made them leave in the first place. You need to understand the roots of their concern and why do they think your practice is not the best fit for them. 

Once you’ve realised the crux of their problem, you can direct your efforts in a manner that their concerns are rectified and they can expect a better service. 

Send out Client Surveys 

Send out Client Surveys

In cases where there is no personal grudges between you and a client, problems don’t arise out of thin air. There might be some shortcomings or overlooks in your services that they weren’t happy with. That doesn’t mean your other clients wouldn’t have noticed it. 

Taking that factor into an advantage, you can send out surveys to your existing clients and ask them to share their grievances or concerns with the way you are approaching their treatment. They can help you focus on what’s important and what needs to be improved. 

Create a Targeted Email Marketing Campaign for Them 

Another great opportunity where email marketing campaigns can be really effective. Even though other mediums of internet marketing have risen over the past few years, email marketing still hasn’t left its stand as one of the best mediums of professional communication.

So, you should create a dedicated email marketing campaign for your lost clients and use it to send personalized messages and create a more compelling theme for them. 

Let Them Know About Your New Features and Enhanced Services 

Clients usually leave because of inadequate services. Let them know that you have worked on them and improved your practice to better serve them. It will help them instill confidence in your services once again and motivate them to rejoin your practice. 

You can also use your email marketing campaigns to inform them about these updates. 

Wish Them on Special Occasions 

With everyone being on social media, it is comparatively easy to find out important dates of your clients, like their birthdays and anniversaries. While it might seem a little invasive, it is strategically advantageous to stay on top of these dates because you can use it to send heartfelt messages and take up the opportunity of reconnecting with them. 

Wish Them on Special Occasions

Offer Them an Incentive 

Well, if nothing works, incentive can be a great backup plan. Everyone likes incentives and they are more likely to re-join your practice if they get a better deal than they had before. And nothing says that more explicitly than a good discount. 

You can offer them limited discounts or additive offers for re-joining your practice. You can also through a little gift hamper to make it more appealing. 

Re-engage With Your Lost Clients With These Helpful Tips 

It is perfectly normal to lose a few clients in the course of establishing your practice. However, that shouldn’t demotivate you and diminish your enthusiasm. All you need to do is put in a little more effort and try to improve your practice in a manner that comes back to you. 

Here are a few helpful tips that will come in handy while trying to win your lost clients over. 

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