10 Popular Holiday Content Ideas For Nutrition Business Owners


The holiday season is here! 

As exciting as it is, it also gives a theme for you to construct your marketing strategy around. People are more jubilant and they wish to share that happiness with others. So, if you share a little bit of joy with them, they will show their appreciation too. 

However, it can be daunting to think about what exactly you are going to communicate with them. I know, you must be scratching your head, thinking about viable holiday content ideas for your website and social media accounts. 

To help you with that, we have listed down some of the popular holiday content ideas for nutrition professionals that you can be used to create your content marketing strategy for this holiday season. 

End-of-the-year updates 

As we are approaching the end of 2021, it would make sense to produce content on how the past year has been and what are the latest developments that the nutrition industry has gone under. From newfound nutritional benefits to raising concern over rising healthcare problems, you can choose from a wide range of themes that can be used to conclude this year. 

Furthermore, updates aren’t only limited to the industry. You can also talk about the developments and enhancements that your practice has gone through and how your potential clients can benefit from your services.

Look ahead to the new year 

Similarly, you can also talk about what the next year has in store for your audience. You can create content around how the future policies of healthcare are about to develop and how they can assure a healthier and protected life. 

Awaited technological advancements and discoveries can also be a good point to talk about. 

Immunity boosting Christmas snacks

Christmas is a time when you meet a lot of new people and find numerous reasons to have snacks in your house. And, traditionally, snacks don’t sound healthy to a lot of people. Be it, kids or elders, they want to indulge in some mouthwatering dishes that are not always very healthy. 

However, you can suggest to them a few healthy snack alternatives that can satisfy their tongues, as well as healthcare needs. You can create a list of health-conscious holiday snacks, like immunity-boosting dishes, which can present you as a caring wellness couch.

Self-care tips during the holidays 

While the winters mark the beginning of the holiday season, they also bring lots of healthcare problems that can put a damper on your holiday spirit. There are various ways in which the cold weather can affect your health, like raising blood pressure, imbalance diabetes, and the worst of them all… cough & cold.

Hence, creating a self-care guide can be a great holiday content idea for nutritionists who work with herbal treatments and immunity-boosting. You can write self-care articles, like “Nutritious food to keep your body warm” or  “How to keep yourself fit during this winter”, which can provide valuable guidance to them.

Mindful eating during the holiday season 

As we discussed that holidays can often become a reason to indulge in not-so-healthy eating habits, you can help your audience fight their cravings and celebrate mindful eating. You can provide them with tips and tricks to enjoy their favorite foods while keeping their health in balance.

Here is an article by Sharon Palmer, a famous plant-powered dietitian, on celebrating mindful eating which can be a great example. 

Create content on special Black Friday offers 

Holidays are a great time to roll out discounts and special offers. And one of the best possible occasions for giving your potential clients a discount is during Black Friday. 

Marking the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, Black Friday is a time when buyers are ready to spend their most. So much so that, you can find them camping overnight in front of the stores. 2019’s Black Friday saw a staggering crowd of online shoppers, rounding out to about 93.2 million

Hence, it would only make sense that you too put up your nutrition services for grabs. You can create special coupon codes for discounts, like ‘BLACKFRIDAY21’ or ‘NUTRAFRIDAY’, which can be used by your potential customers to avail of amazing discount offers. 

You should publish these offers on your website and all the social media platforms so that you can reach out to a wider audience and potentially increase your conversion rates. 

Post videos on social media platforms 

Ask any industry expert, creating visual content is one of the best holiday content ideas for nutrition professionals trying to attract a wider audience. Even amongst all types of visual content, videos are the best way to interact on social media platforms. Video-based content gets the most engagement from viewers, which makes it the best medium to communicate important information and attract potential customers. 

Hence, it can be beneficial if you post video-based content on your social media platforms. You can post recipe blogs, personal wishes, or even live updates on how you celebrate your holidays. You can very well create videos or infographics on all the other topics we covered earlier.

Create ebooks on holiday recipes 

When confused about what to write about, recipes are the right way to go. The major problem that your target audience is facing is trying to inculcate a healthier lifestyle. They want to eat fresh and nutrition-packed meals that don’t have a hefty price tag. 

Hence, to attract their attention, you should publish recipes on how to cook nutritious meals at home. This way, you will be providing them with an immediate solution to a major lifestyle problem which will help you win their trust.

You can share your personal recipes for healthy holiday meals or the most popular recipes that you are sure will be loved by all. 

But sending one or two recipes doesn’t really cut it anymore. Everyone posts their recipes nowadays. Offering them a bunch of recipes can be a unique tactic, which can help you stand apart from your competitors and help you get a better edge. Hence, creating an ebook on 5-10 recipes can be helpful. You can share those recipes via emailers, or post them on your social media platforms. 

Start your own branded hashtag campaign

When it comes to social media marketing, hashtags are a great tool for publicity and increasing the retention value of your posts. They stick into your viewer’s mind and make your content more remarkable. 

And festivals or holidays are a great time to use such hashtags for your posts. You can use common hashtags like #healthychristmas, #healthyholidays, #holidaybaking, and many more. These hashtags have high visibility during the holiday season and can help you attract a lot of traffic. 

Similarly, you can create your own hashtags that can be individual or specific to your practice. For example, Desiree Nielsen, a plant-based gut health dietitian, uses hashtags like #veganthanksgiving or #plantbasedthanksgiving for her posts where she shares recipes for vegan thanksgiving dinner.


Branded hashtags have a higher retention rate and help viewers find your content more easily. You should choose a hashtag that is easy to remember, sounds cool, and not very common. Add this hashtag to all your social media channels which can quickly promote your hashtag. 

Create interactive content on social media platforms 

The best way to grab your audience’s attention is by striking a conversation with them. And social media can be an amazing way to conduct a digital interaction with your audience. 

You can create interactive content on topics that revolve around holidays and festivals. It could be helpful tips, wishes for the upcoming festival, or just conversations with your happy customers and sharing their experience with everyone. 

You can also ask them questions or opinions on certain matters, which will instigate them to reply or comment on your posts. And maybe even encourage them to choose your services. 

For example, you can create poll posts on Instagram regarding people’s favorite holiday snacks or Christmas presents. Your viewers can choose their favorite item and share something personal about their choice.

Choose the content topic that fits best for your practice

Even though these holiday content ideas for nutritionists have worked for a lot of practitioners, the response varies from each niche. While some kind of content will prove to be beneficial, others won’t be able to generate satisfactory traffic. 

Hence, you should conduct some research and see what your competitors are doing and how their audience is responding to it. What methods or topics that have worked for them can also work for you.

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