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Zoconut Lite

Zoconut Lite

Do you work alone or just starting up? This plan is for you at just $499 per year.

Create your own plan

Create your own plan

Can't find a plan that fits your need? Get in touch & we'll tailor a plan just for you.

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We have a plan for everyone. Start your growth journey by choosing Zoconut as your technology partner. Offer best of experience to your clients and grow frictionlessly.

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Want whitelabelled (custom branded) mobile apps for your brand? Get it at just @$1490 per year.

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Zocunut HQ

Do you have a multi-tier heirarchy in your organization? Managing a multi-location business or multiple legal entities? Running Franchisees and need deeper analytics and insights into your business? Then Zoconut HQ is for you.

Starts @$499/month


Do you sell or recommend products to your clients? Do you want to start making more money by selling or recommending products to your clients? Then ZocoShop is for you.

Starts @$99/month


What is a credit based pricing model?
CBS is a widely popular software billing methods that's fair, transparent and easy to understand. 1 credit is equal to 1 month service per client. Say someone pays you for 3 months package, then they consume 3 credits. So effectively if someone pays you say Rs.10,000 for 3 months, you pay zoconut anywhere between Rs.180-300 of that transcation.
Why don't you offer a flat price?
To enable constant innovation and motivation to build awesome things. If the price is flat, there'll little motivation for us to try and help you grow because our incentive is capped at the flat price that was offered. If a product is generating consisten value for your business, then it deserves a fair, consistent and proportionate share of the value that is generated. We are always building something new and awesome for you.
How much do I have to pay to use Zoconut?
Our plans start at Rs.4999 per month (billed quarterly) and varies depending on the amount of credits you need. You can learn more about our pricing, here.
What if I over-consume the credits included in my plan?
When you buy a plan, you lock a per-credit price with us anywhere between Rs.60-100 per credit. If you consume more than included number of credits with your plan, you will be charge at the same price for the overage.
Can I carry-forward balance credits in my account?
No, you cant. The per-credit price that you get is based on the commitment of a minimum number of credits. You can always chose a smaller plan if you think you wouldn't be able to consume all the credits and then upgrade the plan as your consumption increases. You also have an option for early renewal.
I need more than 3 days to evaluate the product.
Sure, the product has been designed in a way that if you make the most of these 3 days then it's very easy to understand. But if you need more time, just let any one of our friendly sales or support team members know and they'll get you an extension.
Can I please get a discount on the price?
Zoconut has a fair pricing policy and we don't offer any special discounts. We treat all our clients the same and don't make exceptions. You can talk to your sales rep about any ongoing offers and we'll be more than happy to offer it to you.
What if I need extra user/admin accounts?
We have included more than required amount of user accounts in our experience with all the plans but if you need more user accounts, you can request for additional user accounts at a nominal cost.
This pricing doesn't suit my business. Can I get a custom quote?
Our sales team gets requests from fun new businesses who have a unique model where they think the current pricing won't work for them. We are always happy to get on a call with you and understand your needs. If our current pricing doesn't work, we will give you a custom quote. You can get in touch with us, here.
I need customizations and/or additional features in the app.
If the feature that you need is already a part of our roadmap or can be useful for all the users, we will build it free of cost as per the roadmap. If you need us to build something only for you, we consider these requests on case-to-case basis and are happy to discuss.


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