Legal Compliance

Legal systems can be hard to understand and even harder to navigate. Zoconut makes it simpler for you. Be it tax compliance or having to take consent. You can manage waivers, disclaimers and much more with Zoconut that keeps you covered. The platform is HIPAA, PCI and GDPR compliant that takes care of a whole another vulnerabilty.

When you use Zoconut, you ensure complete peace of mind with data privacy and security. We ensure complete protection of client data including personal information, sensitive medical information, and confidential health records.

How our Legal Compliance can help your business

Ensure HIPAA & PCI compliance with communication and data privacy using Zoconut.

We work with digital infrastructure providers like AWS that provide world-class protection from any threat of data loss.

Safeguard financial information like card details and bank account details for repayment using secure third-party payment integration partners like Stripe, Razorpay, etc.

Never lose data with 24x7x365 secure cloud-based data storage.


Some Questions And Their Answers

What exactly is Zoconut?
Zoconut is technology company working exclusively with the Diet and Nutrition Industry, committed to build innovative tech solutions to help in business growth, brand building and efficiency. We offer highly specialised software, mobile apps and website modules as a part of product. You can learn more about it Click here.
What happens to my data? Is it secure?
We pride ourselves in being one of the most trusted and secure companies in terms of data privacy. We do not sell, trade or monetize your clients data in any shape, way or form so you can be 100% tension-free in that aspect. Whatever you do on the platform, is your business. If you leave our platform, you can take your data along with you.
Will Zoconut give me clients/leads?
Zoconut is NOT in the business of promoting businesses, digital marketing or discovery services of any kind in the interest of our overall business philosophy. However, we do specialize in helping our clients with Organic Business Growth strategies via word of mouth, referrals, loyalty etc that effectively increases cashflow and profitability of your business.
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