New Year Campaign Ideas to Get More Clients For Your Nutrition Practice


New years is right around the corner. 

While this day is a symbol of new beginnings, it also means the end of the holiday season. And so does your chances of using this great opportunity to attract new clients. 

With the help of a good digital marketing campaign around the theme of New Year, you can drastically increase your visibility during the holiday season and convert interested individuals into clients. 

To help you create a good campaign, we have listed down 9 New Year campaign ideas that will help you increase the traffic on your digital platforms. 

Campaign Ideas 

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Post your New Year’s resolutions 

Everyone makes or at least tries to come up with, a new year’s resolution. You can create a campaign where you ask your audience to share their new year’s resolutions. And, if possible, you can help them follow through with their resolutions.

Moreover, you can also help them come up with a new year’s resolution. By offering them a pre-set meal plan for a healthier new year, you are providing a direct solution to their problems which increases your brand value.

Get fit in one year challenge

Challenges are a great way to capture your audience’s attention and quickly make your posts viral. 

As a nutrition professional, you can create healthcare development challenges depending on your niche. For example, a challenge where you give a goal to your audience to get fit in a year and whosoever shows the highest improvement wins. You can also put in price money for the winner.

This will work as a great motivation for your audience to work on their fitness and abide by it. It will also help you foster a deeper connection with them and present you as a go-to expert. 

Create your own New Year’s hashtag 

Having your unique hashtags are the key to increasing your visibility on social media platforms. Not only do they help your posts reflect more often, but they also increase the retention level of your audience and help them remember your practice. 

And New Year’s is as good an occasion to create your own distinct hashtag. You can give a creative spin to your practice’s name or create a unique catchphrase that is inspired by the new year. 

New Year Giveaways 

Zoconut - New Year Giveaways

Freebies are a buyer’s best friend. It is practically hard for a person to reject free stuff if it is going to add value to their life. Not only that, studies have shown that 82% of buyers have a positive impression of the brand after receiving freebies. 

Hence, you can create a campaign around New Year giveaways, which can help you substantially increase your client base. You can give away free products or coupons to special followers or provide them with free consultation sessions. 

Special offers 

Another alternative to giving freebies is to offer a healthy discount or a special offer. It will help you gather attention to your practice and convert potential leads who just need a little push to take up your services. 

Hence, you should create a New Year’s campaign around special offers. You can provide time-limited sales, for example ‘Sale end at midnight of the New Year’s or Sale beings at the stroke of New Year’. You can also offer special discounts on referrals so that your existing clients are motivated to introduce more people to your practice. 

Updates on your practice that you are going to implement from the next year

Traditionally, the concept of New Year’s Eve has been to celebrate new beginnings and bringing a positive change to life. People feel more hopeful and zealous towards transforming their lives. And so should your practice. 

You should bring new developments and improvements to your nutrition business from the new year and create a campaign around it to inform your target audience. Be it a launch of a new product or service, it can help you expand your reach and allow you to persuade newer demographics. 

This will also help you convey the message that you are willing to improve your services to provide better services to your clients, which can build their confidence in your practice. 

Personal note to your audience 

There is nothing more personal than… well, a personal note. You can create a campaign where you directly interact with your audience and send your wishes for the new year. You can also throw in a few tips to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. Considering that we are still fighting this ongoing battle with COVID-19, you can add cautionary advice and wish them luck for the new year.

Your note will have a more wider and substantial impact if you send it in a video format. Videos help you convey a more deeper and personalized message in detail. It is also the most effective method of content creation that can get viral very quickly. You can create an IGTV video or reel on your Instagram page or put it up on your stories. 

Create New Year themed blogs 

When making a digital marketing strategy, never miss out on blogs.  

You can create personalized and valuable content around the holiday theme, which can help you communicate with your target audience and grab their attention. 

You can create content on end-of-the-year updates, nutritious holiday recipes, possible developments in the new year, and a plethora of other topics. 

If you want to learn more about such holiday-themed content topics, check out our article, titled ‘10 Content Ideas for Upcoming Holiday’. It will help you create a sound content marketing plan for the holiday season. 

New Year email campaign 

Last, but not least… Email campaigns. 

You can create a special New Year’s email campaign to share your valuable content. You can create a good email template with the help of online softwares, like Mailchimp, that can add pizzazz to your emails.  


If you are interested in knowing more tips about increasing your clientele during the holiday season, check out our article “How to use the holiday season to boost your nutrition business revenue”. 

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