Important elements of smart progress tracking for your nutrition clients


Becoming a good nutritionist means keeping a constant eye on how your clients are following your prescribed diet and lifestyle. You need to constantly analyze their progress and determine the best treatment that can benefit your client. 

To be successful at their practice and improve their performance, nutrition practitioners are incorporating smart progress tracking in their business model. 

What is smart progress tracking? 

Smart progress tracking is basically a feature that can help you keep a thorough check on how your clients are following their diet plans and how it is affecting their progress.  

Zoconut’s comprehensive software provides an efficient and easy-to-implement method to conduct such intensive progress tracking. While your e-clinic page helps you monitor all the necessary information of a client, we also provide a customer-facing app that your clients can use to easily communicate with you. 

With the eDiet app, your clients can easily check their diet plans and update how much of those instructions they have followed. They can also update their weight changes through the app. All information uploaded by the client on the eDiet app will automatically be updated in their profile. 

Furthermore, the software also provides a feature called ‘Diet Diary’ which will show you your client’s compliance report and progress analysis. This will also help you efficiently revise your diet plans as and when required. You can set daily and monthly goals for your clients that can work as a motivating target.

Essential elements of smart progress tracking

  • Compliance report: One of the most crucial functions of progress tracking software is to provide a thorough compliance report which can tell you when a client has properly followed the plan and when he/she has missed it. 
  • Smart activity trackers: The software should have a smart activity tracker that can automatically update the client’s sleep duration, steps taken, water intake & calories burnt.
  • HIPAA & PCI compliant platform: To make sure that your client’s information stays safe, secured, and confidential, progress tracking software should be compliant with HIPAA & PCI guidelines. 
  • Fitness Band Integration: The software should be able to easily integrate with any fitness band that your client might be using. It should automatically update the stats as per the recorded measures from the fitness band.
  • Automatic Follow-ups: While you are keeping an eye on their progress, it is also vital to keep reminding your clients about their diet plans and motivating them to continue the treatment. An automatic follow-up feature can be really helpful for that. 

How to setup Diet Diary for smart progress tracking using Zoconut 

Creating a Diet diary for Clients.

In this section, we will create a diet diary for smart client progress tracking.

  • You will log into your zoconut profile. Then go to the dieter section on the left side of the dashboard menu.
  • Select the client’s name and go to the dairy section. 
  • There are two options available on the dashboard – a diet diary and a food diary
  • Click on the set goal bar to set the goal. 
  • Fill the calories/days. 
  • Select the number of water glasses in a day. 
  • Mention the steps to walk in a day.
  • Click on the Save button.  

Configuring Client’s Fitness Diary for Tracking

In this section, we will configure the client’s fitness diary for tracking 

  • You will log into your zoconut profile. Then go to the dieter section on the left side of the dashboard menu.
  • Select the client’s name and go to the diary section present on the profile bar. 
  • There are two options available on the dashboard –  A diet diary and a food diary. 
  • Select the food diary present on the right side of the dashboard.
  • Select the stats view for the number of days you want to see the data and meals section for statistical data 
  • Click on the see full report.

Benefits of incorporating smart progress tracking

  • You can stay updated with the client’s weight changes, sleep duration, water intake, and calories burnt on a regular basis. You can receive these updates via notifications and emails.
  • Get compliance reports to know if clients are adhering to your plans & advice.
  • Both you & your clients get progress reports to measure the effectiveness of any plan.
  • You can instantly make changes to your diet plan if the progress is not adequate or up to your expectations. 

The Bottom Line

With high-functioning and intuitive progress tracking software, you can substantially improve your practice. You can become a more caring and responsible nutritionist to your clients which can further strengthen your goodwill in the industry. 

Zoconut provides you through and user-friendly progress tracking features that can fulfill all the essential requirements of a smart progress tracking software

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