How to set up flexible payment plans for your clients


While creating a strong connection and network in the industry can help you grow your clientele, the conversion of your potential clients into actual clients is solely dependent on your payment model. It is the most essential aspect on which your customers will judge your services. 

Leading nutrition practitioners around the world have started to provide flexible payment plans which have worked tremendously well in attracting new clients. 

Essential elements of a flexible payment plan

Flexible payment plans are designed to provide comfort and ease to your clients during the payment process. It aims to lower the burden on your clients and reduce the redundancy of complex payment processes. Here are a few essential elements of a flexible payment plan: 

  • Seamless payment integration: Your software should be able to seamlessly integrate payment options, like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, Wallets, Net banking, etc, with your practice.  
  • Accepting all currencies: Your payment model should be able to accept all kinds of currencies without charging any conversion fees.  
  • Provides installment options: Your payment models should also include installment options. Suppose a client can’t pay for his/her treatment in a lump sum. You need to provide options for them to reduce the financial burden.
  • Availability of freezing/extending active plans: If a client wants to freeze an ongoing plan or extend it, he/she should be able to do so. Furthermore, your practice should only charge until the day the plan has been frozen or extended to.
  • Incorporate discount and referral options: Discounts and referral programs are one of the best methods to expand your business and bring new customers into the practice. Hence, your payment model should be able to give benefits to customers who have a discount coupon or referral code. 

Benefits of flexible payment plans 

While increasing your client’s purchasing power, there are various more benefits of flexible payments that can enhance your practice and overall goodwill. They can exponentially increase your sales and provide you with tons of other advantages that help foster a good relationship with your target market.

Some of its most crucial advantages are:  

  • Faster Payments: The easier your payment options are, the higher the chances that you will be paid quickly. Streamlining bill payments reduces barriers to receiving money and getting duly paid.
  • Improves customer relationships: Offering flexible payment plans shows that your practice cares about its customers’ well-being and convenience. It increases their trust in your practice and they won’t hesitate to recommend you to their family and friends. 
  • Increases conversion rate: Flexible payment options increase a customer’s purchasing power. So, when a potential client visits your website and looks over the plans that you provide, they will be motivated to indulge in your services. 
  • Increases customer retention: One of the major reasons why people cut off their plans is that they feel unsafe and exploited by the payment plans. Having flexible payment plans reduces the chances of your clients being disappointed with your services. This way you can retain your current clients. 

How to set up flexible payment plans for service packages using Zoconut

In this process, we will discover how to activate a service package with flexible payment plans for clients.

  • You will log into your zoconut profile. Then go to the dieter section on the left side of the dashboard menu. 
  • Click on the new client whose service package you want to activate.  
  • Then Go to billing & payment on the left side.
  • Select the new payment option present on the payment menu bar.
  • After selecting the new payment option, a new dashboard will appear for the service package. 
  • Select the package type and the package, duration of time, and currency of the country.  
  • Select the start date from which the package will start 
  • Mentioned the confirmation date when the client confirmed the package. 
  • Select the mode of transaction.
  • If the client is willing to make a partial payment, Select the partial payment. 
  • There are four-installment plans given for the clients to make their payment easier.
  • Select the number of months for installment and the amount to be paid on the selected installment date. 
  • Fill in the paid amount client has paid before installment. 
  • Submit and create the package. The selected package will be activated on the mentioned date. 

With the help of flexible payment plans, you can improve your relations with your customer, as well as your practice’s image in the industry. It can increase your customer retention rate and make sure that people who land on your services turn into rewarding clients.

Zoconut helps you effortlessly incorporate such options into your practice and improve your payment models. While our software can provide all the essential elements that we discussed earlier, it can also keep a detailed track of all the payments received from your clients and generate reports that can be easily read by your accountant. 

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