How to set up automatic follow-ups with Zoconut to keep your clients accountable


A dietitian’s task doesn’t end at just prescribing an ideal diet plan. They have to make sure that their clients follow the diet plan to the tee and reflect the results that they estimated. 

But while being so far away from your clients, it can be quite difficult to stay on top of them. To help you systematically remind your clients about the progression of the diet plan, throughout the day, you should incorporate an automated follow-up system in your practice. 

What are automated follow-ups? 

Automated follow-up systems are a great way to keep your clients updated and motivated to follow their diet plan even more efficiently. With this feature, you can send personalized messages and reminders to your clients right before their next meal. You can send instructions on how to prepare the meal and in what quantities they should consume them. 

You can choose from a wide range of follow-up options depending on the nature of the message. Be it consultation, feedback, or a health update, you can precisely time when your follow-ups will reach the client. 

In case you have a client for whom you have to regularly send a follow-up message, you can also set repetitive follow-up sequences that can automatically send follow-ups throughout the week or month. 

You can create multiple follow-up sequences for all your clients. All you have to do is fill out the specifications, type down your message, and the software will automatically deliver your message. 

Benefits of automated follow ups

Some of the major benefits that you can receive with a good follow-up system are as follows:

  • An automated follow-up system can help you improve the outcome of your services. In the end, your success depends on how your client follows the diet plan. By repetitively sending them reminders and motivation, you will increase their adherence to the diet.
  • Sending timely follow-ups also presents you as an accountability partner for your clients. It helps you pose yourself as an accountability partner who takes responsibility for their client’s well-being.
  • Having a good follow-up system can also help you retain your customers. Regular communication makes the client feel important which makes him/her decide to stick with you as their dietitian.
  • For your email subscribers and social media followers who have not yet turned into your clients, sending diligent follow-ups about your services and free sessions can motivate them to indulge in your services. Statistics suggest that 80% of a company’s sales are made after a potential client receives five follow-up messages. 
  • Along with all these benefits, having a strong follow-up system can be a very useful instrument against your competitors. A huge majority of happy clients will improve your practice’s image in the market and will become a viable substitute for your competition’s clientele. 

How to create an automatic follow-up sequence using Zoconut?

In this section, we will understand the process of creating a follow-up sequencing

  • Go to the communication section present on the bottom left side of the dashboard. 
  • Click on the follow-up sequencing section. 
  • The follow-up sequencing dashboard will appear on top of the screen. 
  • Click on the edit button to edit the saved follow-up sequences.
  •  Click on the delete button to delete the saved follow-up sequences. 
  • Go to the new follow-up dashboard and then select the type of filters to create a follow-up.
    • Filter out the client type between Dieter or lead
    • Filter the dieter stage; Active, inactive, new, or end-month user.
    • select the follow-up frequency
    • Select the start after day for the follow-ups
    • Select the follow-up type 
  • After selecting the periodic in the follow-up frequency 
    • Select the time of the follow-ups 
    • Select the repeat after day for the periodic follow-ups. 
  • Click on the +add button present next to the sequence button. 
    • Create a title on the title section 
    • Select the time for the follow-up
    • write the message in the message box. 
    • Write the content on the content box.
    • Select the active box for the followup 
    • Click on the add button
  • Create a follow-up name and click on the active box.
    • Click on the save button to save the follow-up.

The Bottom Line

With the help of an automated follow-up system, you can not only help your clients achieve their goals, but you can also create a more reliable and dedicated image of your practice in the market. It has multiple other ways to benefit your practice, which you will experience as you start implementing it. 

With its customizable layout and detailed structure, Zoconut’s automated follow-up feature can help you implement this task in your practice with ease. 

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