How to manage appointments for your nutrition practice


One of the most prominent methods that businesses are using nowadays is to incorporate appointment scheduling software in their business model. These softwares are highly efficient tools that can automatically schedule and manage your appointments at the click of a button. 

Zoconut can provide you with an equally amazing and efficient appointment scheduling feature that will make the task of managing your practice extremely easy. Specifically catering to the needs of nutritionists, Zoconut’s scheduling mechanism will perfectly adapt to your business model and provide you with optimum efficiency in managing appointments. 

What are appointment scheduling softwares?  

Also known as an online booking system, appointment scheduling softwares are a highly efficient tool that helps to automatically manage and schedule your appointments that perfectly fit your time slots. You can also use it to manage the schedules of other employees in your practice and can integrate them with each other. 

Softwares like Calendly, Setmore, Acuity Scheduling, and ScheduleOnce are some of the most well-performing softwares available in the market that can enhance your scheduling process. They provide plenty of features to its users, including automated reminders, customizable themes, and multi-channel payments.

We have created Zoconut to meet the mark of such capable softwares and made sure that its performance meets the highest of industry standards. While elegantly solving your appointment issues, the software also provides a separate section for adding notes during the appointment so that you don’t miss any details.

Furthermore, the software helps you maintain a detailed log of each client and tracks their progress throughout the treatment with the help of the eDiet app. You can also conduct live video chats with your clients through the app which is ideal for this pandemic period. 

Benefits of having an appointment scheduling system 

Appointment scheduling softwares have revolutionized the way we book and manage our appointments. The industry is estimated to value at $546 million by 2026, and the major contributor to its success is the health and wellness industry.

Health and wellness industry holds over 25% share in all the appointment scheduling softwares that are being used, as it has proven the most efficient for the field.

Here are the major ways in which an appointment scheduling system can enhance your practice and make you more productive:

  • The major advantage of using an appointment scheduling system is that it automatically arranges your appointments and meetings in the most convenient manner. As a result, you can optimize your time management and increase the number of appointments that you can conduct in a time frame.
  • It provides real-time automated scheduling that can immediately confirm or deny a booking request depending on your availability. It can also manage a waiting list that can substitute appointments if an existing booking is rescheduled or canceled.
  • It reduces mistakes that might be made due to human error, which can deplete your efficiency.
  • It works 24X7, so no matter if it’s day or night, the software will accept appointments. This way, you will never miss out on satisfying your clients.
  • The feature also allows you to synchronize appointment schedules with third-party calendar apps, like Google Calendar, that your clients might be using. This way, you and your client will be aware of your upcoming meeting.
  • Not only practitioners but also patients prefer this method. A study conducted by Kyruus stated that around 43% of patients prefer to book appointments online.

How to set up new appointments with new clients using Zoconut? 

In this section, follow-ups will show you how to set up your first appointment with your new clients. Follow the instructions.

  1. You will log into your zoconut profile. Then go to the dieter section on the left side of the dashboard menu.
  1. Click on the client name from the names menu.    
  1. Then click on the booking and follow-ups present on the profile menu.
  1. After clicking on booking and follow-ups, Then select the +new appointment button. 
  1. Select the date for an appointment and dietitian, 
    • Select guests if you want to add any guests.
    • Choose the appointment type. You can choose an in-person, online, or video consultation type of appointment. 
    • If you want to add details or mention something, you can write it on the note menu. 
    • Select the available slots for the appointment.
  2. Click on the book to complete the appointment.
    •  Your clinic will inform the client about the appointment by a message or notification on the e-Diet app.

Incorporating an appointment scheduling feature in your practice will be really helpful in increasing your efficiency and making the optimal utilization of your time.

It can also reduce appointment cancelations, as patients don’t need to be physically present at the clinic. Instead, you can conduct appointments on phone calls or video chats. In 2020, it was recorded that 1.1 million canceled appointments in the USA were uncanceled because of virtual appointments. 

Let our seamless appointment scheduling features make your lives easier and help you build a profitable practice.

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