How to maintain constant communication with your nutrition practice clients


The credibility of your services is based on what kind of results your clients have shown and how effective your treatment is. However, your clients can only show the desired results if they follow your treatment plans to the tee. 

To improve your client’s performance, you need to incorporate a good communication model that can constantly keep you connected with them and guide them through each stage.  

Importance of constant communication with your nutrition practice clients

While the major purpose of conducting constant communication is to help your clients be more efficient at following their treatment plan, there are numerous other reasons why you should incorporate it in your practice:

  • It helps you foster a good relationship with your clients. By constantly staying in touch with them, you create a connection with your clients and increase their trust in your practice.  
  • Healthcare problems are often infused into a patient’s lifestyle, and staying in touch with them helps you better understand that. This way, you can modify and revise your treatment plans as you acquire more knowledge about their lifestyle. 
  • Constantly communicating with your clients also helps you boost their confidence and morale, which in turn improves their performance. 
  • It also helps you gather valuable feedback from your clients, which can help you tailor your treatments as per their needs. For example, you can instantly change diet plans or workout routines by analyzing how comfortable your clients are and make the treatment more fruitful. 

Common communication tools used by professionals and their limitations

There are various tools that you must’ve been using to communicate with your clients. WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Zoom, Skype, and a plethora of different telecommunication apps can help you virtually stay in contact with your clients. Their chatting and video-based communication features can keep you updated on your client’s progress. 

However, are these applications the right fit for your consultation services? While they provide end-to-end encryption for each communication, they might not comply with the HIPAA guidelines. Being a nutrition practitioner, you need to make sure that all your virtual communications adhere to the HIPAA guidelines, or else it might put your practice in jeopardy. 

Furthermore, these applications also pose a limitation in that they don’t allow you to share files and important documents during your video appointments. Considering that you need to stay updated with your client’s medical records and developments, you need to be able to share such documents in your virtual appointments.

How Zoconut helps you manage communication with your clients

Understanding the limitations posed by the currently available mediums, we have designed Zoconut to help you manage and organize your communications seamlessly. With our multifaceted features, you can constantly stay connected with your clients and record their progress to provide better service. 

Live Chat

Our Live Chat feature helps you stay connected with your clients through texts and visual mediums. You can share and receive files, forms, and other necessary documents without any hassle. Furthermore, your clients can also request and book appointments directly from the Live Chat. 

Telehealth Communication

All your communications are end-to-end encrypted and remain HIPAA compliant throughout your treatment’s lifecycle. You can conduct unlimited appointment sessions with user-friendly video calling options to make them more impactful. Also, you can share desktop screens and files during your video session to access any necessary information about your client. 

Follow-up and reminders 

Zoconut’s automated follow-up feature is a great way to keep your clients updated and motivated to follow their diet plan even more efficiently. You can send personalized messages and reminders to your clients right before their meals to increase their compliance. You can also send instructions on preparing the meal and in what quantities they should consume them.  

Automated Emails and SMS 

To share important updates and appointment reminders with your clients, you can also use our Automated Emails and SMS feature that can instantly send alerts to all your clients. You can also share newsletters and other bits of information through this feature. 

Diet Diary

This unique feature helps you keep a detailed log of how your clients have adhered to their diet plan. From their nutrition intake to their sleep durations, you can keep a detailed record of their compliance.  

Reporting and Analytics 

Based on the information recorded in the Diet Diary, our software also provides a comprehensive and intelligent reporting system to help you analyze your client’s progress and make smart business decisions. It can help you generate compliance reports and progress reports to track how adequately your clients have followed the diet plan and the improvements they have made.

While all these features can help you conduct more efficient and thorough communication with your clients, it can be pretty tricky for them to keep track of all these features. So, to make their lives easier, we provide a dedicated client-facing application as well. 

eDiet app is a user-friendly application that can keep you connected with your clients all the time. They can instantly book appointments and conduct live sessions through the app. With the help of HIPAA-compliant telehealth features, they can conduct all text-based and video communication through the app. It is also compliant with all major fitness bands and can automatically update your client’s stats on their profile.

To provide the best service to your clients, you need to constantly communicate with them and record their developments to improve your treatment plan. It can help your foster a good relationship with your clients and create a better image in the industry. 

Zoconut can provide you with a one-stop platform for all your communication requirements. With our diverse features and dedicated eDiet app, you can stay on top of all your clients’ progress.

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